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Église du Sacré-Coeur

a desacralized cathedral built in the ’30s, now hosts concerts and art exhibitions and is a striking mix of Gothic and Art Deco style, while Église Notre Dame de Lourdes, built in the ’50s, is a beautiful example of Brutalist architecture with stunning stained glass panels inside

Mahkama du Pacha

located in the Habous neighborhood and built in the early 1950s, is a Moroccan architecture and craftsmanship gem.

The Hassan II Mosque

the largest mosque in Morocco, is a testament to incredible craftsmanship. It took more than seven years and as many as 10,000 artisans to complete the intricate masterpiece

Cinéma Rialto

One of the finest examples of Art Deco design, Cinéma Rialto, lies just off the main drag.

The palm-lined Boulevard Mohammed V

in the heart of old Casablanca, is a reminder of the French influence on the city.

La Villa des Arts

The ’30s Art Deco villa was renovated by Casamémoire president Rachid Andaloussi and now hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.

Silja Kejonen et Liivia Sirola

Suh Yongsun


Fan Xi et Jing Wang

Pulp club casablanca

Located right along the water in the Ain Diab area is Plup Club. The beats are pounding until the wee hours of the morning, and the club often used to hosts well-known DJs who spin some pulsating tunes.

Mystic garden

Mystic Garden is a nightclub that caters to Casablanca's ultra hip crowd. Located on the boulevard De La Corniche, it is right along the water, adding to its appeal. The club is known of its futurist lights, exotic drinks and trendy music. It is especially known for playing Gnaoua music, a type of music that is characterized by instrumentation; this music is very popular in Africa. around lunch or dinner time.

Le Village

This gay-friendly nightclub is located in Ain Diab, a trendy, nocturnal area filled with bars and nightclubs. Located close to the ocean, this club is a happening place attracting locals looking to unwind on the weekends as well as tourists looking for a night out on the town in a foreign city.

rick's café casablanca

Rick’s Café Casablanca is a restaurant, bar and café located in the city of Casablanca, Morocco. The place was designed to recreate the bar made famous by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the movie classic Casablanca.

la bodega casablanca

which has serious doormen but no admission charge. The atmosphere inside this Spanish taverna is refreshingly vibrant and fun.

The local gathering place

Central Market, or Marche Central, in the heart of Casablanca may be the best place to stock up on regionally-produced goods and join a genuinely local crowd. The city’s housewives head here daily, looking for shade under the overarching roof and stopping at the stalls stocked with pyramids of dates, nuts, figs, oranges, nectarines and artichokes, and the freshest catch of the day.

Spend a day on the coast

Unlike some of Morocco’s better-known landlocked cities, Casablanca hugs the Atlantic coast and takes full advantage of its locale. La Corniche is the city’s seaside promenade, a row of cafes, restaurants, beach resorts and night clubs where locals hang out day and night.

Retreat to a local hammam

The city’s hammams, or public baths, are the best way to escape the heat and noise of central Casablanca for a few relaxing hours, and the entry price is a bargain. Most hammams also sell the requisite black soap (given its dark hue by a mix of oil and olives), buckets and exfoliating gloves for an extra fee.